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Internet and Privacy Law

We counsel businesses and individuals with an Internet presence to ensure that their online content does not expose them to claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, and copyright and trademark infringement. We also prepare agreements involving terms of use, Master Services Agreements, and licensing agreements for online service providers.

In the privacy area, we focus on helping to ensure that a client’s private life remains private. Maryland, along with many other states, recognizes legal claims for invasion of privacy that fall into four categories: 

(1)    false light, a close cousin of defamation, which permits recovery when someone is placed in a false light before the public that a reasonable person would find highly offensive;

(2)     publication of private facts, which allows for recovery when unwarranted publicity is given to someone’s private life that is highly offensive; 

(3)     intrusion, which permits recovery for unreasonable intentional intrusion by physical or other means upon the seclusion or private affairs of another that a reasonable person would find highly offensive; and,

(4)    misappropriation of someone’s right of publicity, which involves the taking of another’s name or likeness, for the purpose of advertising or other commercial purposes if the name or likeness has commercial value.

We have experience with all of these claims and can help a client whose privacy has been invaded evaluate which causes of action may be available to pursue against the infringing party, and pursue them on the client’s behalf. We have experience helping clients who have been victims of cyberbullying and revenge porn as well as other invasions of privacy.


Internet & Privacy Law
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Consulted with Internet-based business on terms of use, copyright, contest rules, and deals with customers

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